Besides requiring certificates when you complete a path, you receive badges and reputations points for being active. Badges and reputations points appear on your Portfolio.

All Badges

Feedback Badges

Feedback with score of 2
Feedback with score of 4
Feedback with score of 8
Feedback with score of 12

Solution Badges

Have 2 likes to your solution
Have 5 likes to your solution
Have 10 likes to your solution
Have 20 likes to your solution

Participant Badges

Leave 3 feedback
Leave 10 feedback
Leave 15 feedback
Leave 25 feedback
Submit a Beginner Solution
Submit an Elementary Solution
Submit an Intermediate Solution
Submit an Upper Intermediate or Advanced Solution
Top 5 highest popularity score of the week
Top 5 highest popularity score of the month

Penalty Badges

Feedback, Reply or Solution receive a spam
You receive more than 2 spams

Badge Types

Add 2 points to reputations.

Add 10 points to reputations.

Add 20 points to reputations.

Add 50 points to reputations.

Deduct 10 points to reputations.

Deduct 100 points to reputations.