Hi, I'm Thu

I am the founder of devChallenges and I will answer some of the most common questions.

What is is a community and a platform for anyone who wants to become a Software Engineer by building real-life projects and solving practical tasks. is built with the goal of enabling you to build an outstanding portfolio.

You will find different paths to follow, each path has a set of challenges or projects that you need to complete in order to get a certificate. Paths are designed for you to practice different aspects of Software Development.

You will also find a roadmap, where I will update new tutorials every week or two. Every tutorial will include task(s) that you can do and submit (come in future releases). You will also find Vlogs, where I will share my advice in the tech industry.

devChallenges was created by one single person (yeah I know..) and was first released on 1st July 2020.

What is the future for

There are many things I want to do but here are things that will come in the future:

  • New paths every year: To keep up with trends and technologies.

  • Premium content/features: There will be premium paths and features.

  • Hackathon: To help with team building and to have fun, I will also organize Hackathon. Where you will team up and compete with others to solve a challenge or a set of challenges. There will be free and premium Hackathons.

  • Jobs: Hopefully, when there are a lot more users, companies would want to post their jobs on devChallenges and you can use your portfolio to apply.

  • Learn: The roadmap will be completed in the future as well as I will work on some premium courses.

How does it make money?

At the moment, does not yet make any money. Well, it is quite young and I still have a full-time job to support this project.

Ads and premium content will be added in the future, but if you want to support me now, you can always buy me a coffee here, and thanks in advance. 😊

Can I contribute?

The project is not open-source, but you can also contribute by reporting bugs, suggest features,... on Discord.

Can I redistribute the content?

No, you can not redistribute any of the content on this website. You can use it for personal use (tutorial, portfolio,..) or share the link to the content. For more information, you can read on Terms.

What is the best way to contact you?

Send me a message on Twitter @thunghiemdinh or send me an email at