Challenge: Create my CatWiki app. Use Front-end libraries like React or Vue.js. Create your API. Don’t look at the existing solution. Fulfill user stories below:

Using to complete this challenge. The client-side should not use the API directly. Everything should be handled on the server-side. For example, suggesting the breeds or getting images for the breed.

  • User story: I can search for cat breeds and select a breed of my choice
  • User story: I can see the most popular searched cat breeds summary on the homepage
  • User story: I can see the top 10 most searched cat breeds
  • User story: I can see the breed details including description, temperament, origin, life span, adaptability, affection level, child-friendly, grooming, intelligence, health issues, social needs, stranger friendly
  • User story: I can see more photo of the breed
  • User story: On mobile, when I select the search option, a modal for breed search should pop up
  • User story (optional): I can go to an article about cats when I click read more on Why you should have a cat section
  • User story (optional): I can go to the top 10 cats by clicking see more in the dashboard



Once you completed, submit your solutions by providing URLs for both GitHub repository and live app on any hosting platform (5 Free Hosting Platform) and explain briefly what you have done.

As long as you fulfill all the user stories, you can give your personal touches by adding transition, using your own images, changing colors,...

Remember to put your name on the footer to prevent other from submitting your solutions.

You can check others’ solutions and give them feedbacks.

How to start

  1. Read the challenge's details
  2. Start the challenge and download the resources
  3. Check designs on Figma
  4. Have fun coding!!