Responsive Website

Every year, there are new mobile devices, with that the web grow at the a rapid pace. Developers need to be able to create website that respond to different devices.

HTML and CSS are the basic tools that a developer must know when it comes to creating a website, especially a responsive one.


Learn HTML basics in 15 minutes for Absolute Beginners | HTML Tutorial (2021) (15:53)
If you want to build a website, the first language that you need to learn is HTML. In this video, we are going through the basics of HTML and we are going to build a basic website using only HTML.
Learn CSS basics by Building a card component in 19 minutes | CSS tutorial 2021 (19:52)
In this tutorial, we are going to learn CSS basics by building a card component.
Learn CSS Selectors by Building Alert Components 2021 in 21 minutes (21:41)
One of the most important building blocks of CSS is CSS selectors. There are multiple ways to select elements in CSS.
Understand CSS Box Model in 14 minutes with 4 tasks | CSS Tutorial (14:08)
Box Model is one of the most important concepts in CSS, but sometimes people overlook it. In this tutorial, we will take a close look at Box Mode
Learn CSS Units (px, %, vw, vh, rem, em, ch) by styling a Website in 18 minutes (18:42)
In this video, we are going to learn the most common CSS Units by solving different tasks and styling a website.
Learn CSS Position (relative, absolute, fixed, sticky, float) with 5 practical tasks - CSS tutorial (15:55)
In this tutorial, you will learn CSS position by solving 5 practical tasks
Flexbox (13:42)
Learn Flexbox with Most Common Use Cases
CSS Grid (13:42)
Learn CSS Grid by building 5 Layouts
Learn CSS Media Queries (mobile-first vs desktop-first) through practical tasks (15:26)
In this tutorial, we will learn by solving different practical task according to 4 topics
Animate a Website using CSS (transition, transform, keyframes, animation) | CSS Tutorial (19:57)
In this tutorial, we will animate a website by solving 5 tasks
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CSS variables
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